Friday, February 4, 2011

Am Back!!! Slack Much?

Wowsers!!! I haven't done a post since November!
Before you judge me, let me refer you back to my initial post about this blogging thing. LOL
Anyway; I did not loose interest, I just have too much going on. But I am back and will attempt to provide updates on what's been going on with me. Mind you; I will do this  mostly with pics, cos I honestly can't remember a lot of things.. plus; am lazy!

My etsy shop has also been deprived of attention. : ( Balance. Balance. Balance. That's what am going to attempt to do.

So here's to NOT being a blogging slacker in 2011!!

Peace & Blessings



  1. Yes, indeed thou slackest much.. I was just thinking about you and the business today..then I find this blog will live very long!! You will reap the fruits of your labor this year IJN.

  2. LOL...I was wondering where you went! I'm glad that you're just busy...nothing else. Hope to see you around when you have free time! God bless!

  3. AMK!! I've missed ya :).
    Yes; just busy but now am totally over myself (LOL) and need to get back on track!

    Viv; thanks doll!! LOL @ 'thou slackest much'