Monday, February 21, 2011

Is this Love Month or What?!?!?

ANOTHER Feature! So Exciting : ) I got another feature request via Etsy!

Wohoo!! I was particularly stoked about this one cos its for Black History Month and it's sorta an interview!!!!

Check out Gaetana's blog and the Satindoll shop and click on the pics to check out the post!!! Leave a comment, show some love!!

Peace & Blessings
 - TatusWelle-

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweet Blog Feature on CoilyCrowns

Sooo; I was featured in yet another lovely blog!! Yayy!!
Regina of CoilyCrowns wrote a lovely feature on my Etsy Shop. Check it out!!! Her blog is pretty cool!
Super exciting for me!! I am honored and pray she receives blessings in return.

~Peace & Blessings~

Friday, February 4, 2011

Late Update: Nzuri Health Hair Show 11/2010

The show was great. Lots of sales. Yes! I CANNOT thank my lovely sister; Ese-Ray (yes; I finally made her skirt..smh) & my lovely sister from another mother; Catherine, for their love support and selling skills! We had a FUN time. Those crazy girls sold stuff, organized, wrapped, fed me, made me laugh and just made my day!! I know, I know, super late but still had to be said on the blog.

Ese-Ray shopping - She's wearing her skirt that I finally made : )

The Night Before the Show; up all night - totally worth it!

Creative Chaos? : )

Karma of KarmaSoul rocking one of my hairflowers

One of my lil' customers. SUPER CUTE!!

Catherine & I...rocking her TatusWelle brooch of cos!

Display at the Show

My Booth/Table. I think it turned out pretty good.

View from Behind the Scenes! 

My sis! : )

Lil' Ol' Me! 

Setting Up

All in all; it was a good time and a good time was had by all! 

Peace & Blessings

Am Back!!! Slack Much?

Wowsers!!! I haven't done a post since November!
Before you judge me, let me refer you back to my initial post about this blogging thing. LOL
Anyway; I did not loose interest, I just have too much going on. But I am back and will attempt to provide updates on what's been going on with me. Mind you; I will do this  mostly with pics, cos I honestly can't remember a lot of things.. plus; am lazy!

My etsy shop has also been deprived of attention. : ( Balance. Balance. Balance. That's what am going to attempt to do.

So here's to NOT being a blogging slacker in 2011!!

Peace & Blessings