Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TeamCAC on Etsy a.k.a MY FAM!!

Wow....3 days in a row; am doing the 'MOST' with this blogging thing as my 'hairspiration' Catho would say!

I HAD to blog today to say how I much I have fallen in LOVE!
Ok...before any one goes off planning the bridal shower (I know for a fact that there are several of you wondering if/when that is ever going to happen..LOL); I am in love with my Etsy team.

TeamCAC stands for Team Christian Artists and Crafters. If you are familiar with Etsy; you know Etsy has tons of teams that you can join. There are teams based on location, types of craft, and almost everything else you can think of; faith based teams, even teams based on zombie-lovers (IDK...check it out and see for your self). When I first started selling; I didn't want to join a team cos I didn't want to have to log on everyday and keep up with the team....Yes; I am a bit anti-social at times.

But let me tell you; this team has been such a blessing to me in the 3 (?) short months I have been a part of it. They are like my other family; a place where I can share and there is no judgement, no rejection, only sound advice and prayer!

So what brought this whole TeamCAC rave on? Well; the last few days have been a little bit difficult for me; in a couple of ways. And you know how you just need something, just a lil something to make your day a lil better? Well all this week; I have received messages, encouragement in one form or the other from members of this team. Mind you; this started this week even though I had not shared anything with them at the time.

I have to say though that it's all God! He has a way of providing just what we need when we need it. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this team & now I understand why some people on the team don't have active shops on Etsy; yet they log on and participate anyway.

Not only are these people of God who lift one another up; they are some crazy-skilled-creative people!! Maybe I'll do a post with my fave items from TeamCAC members but first I need to do a treasury on etsy first!

God is good y'all!! : )

 Peace & Blessings


  1. Hi Tatus, this is a wonderful post. I am so happy you are enjoying the TeamCAC. You are in my prayers. We love you, Mary O

  2. Well Tatus, I'm one of those! =) I don't have a shop right now, but this team is such a blessing to me. It's like family and having the privilege of prayer support is so meaningful! are a blessing and ASSET to our team! I love diversity and seeing so many various crafts! God richly bless you....and we know that He cares about your needs! We'll continue to uphold you in prayer!

    God bless!

  3. What a wonderful post Tatus!
    We are glad you are a part of us too!!