Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beauty Showcase

I am super excited about this show coming up on Nov. 27th, 2010. I don't think there has been a natural hair show of this type in H-Town (as far as I know).  I signed up to be a vendor and can only imagine the exposure this will bring TatusWelle. I am especially excited because one of the my inspirations for creating hair accessories is my natural hair and all the women out there who rock their natural hair! : )

I am really hoping & praying I sell quite a few items; especially so I can shop some of the fabulous vendors who will be there. LOL.

If you are natural, transitioning, thinking about going natural or even if you are still on that 'creamy crack'...LOL, there will be something for everyone. They will have classes, information sessions, competitions, and of course lots of amazing vendors and products. If you are a small business owner especially those with natural hair products, accesories, etc, you definitely want to be there.

The event is hosted by the Natural Health Hair Society. You can get more details on the event website http://naturalhairshowcase.weebly.com/. Vendors can sign up here http://nzuri2.eventbrite.com/

I am sooo excited and can't wait for this event.

Peace & Blessings,


  1. You make me smile! I love your hair and how your accessories look in it. Mine is just nice and flat. =)

  2. I hope you have a great time at the Hair Show. Atlanta had one a while back, when I was just starting to grow my hair naturally. It has been quite an experience thus far, but I am not giving up.

    Check my blog out too

  3. Thanks ladies!! Miranda; just check out and followed your blog. Congrats on the test and your 10th anniv. WWWWOOOOO!!!