Thursday, November 11, 2010

Haunted Houses & Race Running

Soooo, I went running...okay jogging.....okay, okay; walking/jogging this past Sunday at the park close to my house and since the weather has finally changed and we no longer have 100 degree heat, it was beautiful. I also figured it's about time I start training for my 4th half mary coming up in January.

It was my first time going to this particular park and I got there super early, about 6:30am, so I could get my 4 miles done in time to get ready for church. It was just me and the ducks, fog and absolute quiet!

Anyway; the park is really nice; I think this is my new fave track. Sorry old favorite park.

So, there is this house(?) at the park that is supposed to be some type of monument of something (IDK). I'll have to go back and look at what the sign says.

It was kinda scary. Only because I went all the way up to the front gate. It was open so I figured, hey, I'll go inside the gate. And then I ended up going up the stairs to the front porch. And then I looked into the window. It was eerie; a couple of chairs and a table and some frames hanging on the wall. And then I put my hand on the door knob and turned it....thank goodness it was locked! And then I remembered every horror flick I have ever seen where people wander into houses they have no business being in and they end up being eaten by some backwater inbred family or being killed by somebody's spirit that died in the house 200 years ago. LOL. You get my point. I got outta there fast!

I think I've been watching too much FX and too much Criminal Minds!

Pease & Blessings


  1. Oh dear! I guess that's why I don't watch that kind of tv. =)

  2. I know AMK; I shouldn't watch that kind of tv either!!