Monday, November 1, 2010

A Fair To Remember + Other Happenings

Soooo..... I haven't been here since what feels like ages.
Busy! Busy! Busy!

I did take part in the craft fair I talked about in a previous post and I am pretty satisfied with how things went.

Thought I'd come on really quick to post a few pics from the fair.  I didn't take many pics cos I totally forgot about doing that. I sold some really cool hair accessories that I wish I'd photographed. It's all good though.

I made 6 sales and 1 swap and think that was not too too bad for my first craft fair EVER!!

The fair was a learning experience; I met some really cool, some really crazy and some just plain weird people but all in all; it was a good experience ; )

And my girl Vivalicious came by to show love and support and she and her sister made my day! Am sad I forgot to get a pic with them at the fair.

Ok; for some reason blogspot won't let me upload any pics : (
Guess I'll be back later!!!

Here are the pics! Managed to upload these and now it won't let me do anymore. Oh well....



  1. Awe...sorry you can't upload. Make sure they are not too large and then try posting one at a time. Sometimes it won't let me post more than one at a can be annoying. =)

  2. Any time Vivialicious can make an appearance,she will FULL FORCE, hehe!! I had a nice were definitely the standout vendor!!!

  3. The pictures are great! I especially love the shoe fabric covering the table. =) Great set up!