Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Fabric Update

A lot has been going on. I haven't been here in a while!

Just here to quickly upload pics of some additional fabric I have.

Preparing for the craft fair that I will be a vendor in this Saturday! Will be back later to do a real post! : )

Red & Green Adire Print

Red, Yellow and Black African Wax 'Ankara' Print

Pink, Yellow and White "Branches&Leaves" AWP : )

Purple, Gold and Yellow AWP

Love this one; Green, Purple and Greyish Whitish Color...LOL

Stilleto Ankara : )

Peace  & Blessings



Sunday, October 10, 2010

1:38AM Fabric Update

It's 1:38 a.m and I can't sleep. I had a long, hard work out today! Quick run on the treadmill, 1 hour step class and 1 hour yoga. That's typical for my Saturday workouts though, except the run.  

Anyway; I took a looonnng nap this evening and now am up and wide awake.
I have some fab new African Wax Print fabrics I am working with. BTW; my sewing nook is a MESS! I should post a pic of it...hehehehe and maybe do an after pic once I tidy up!

I am working on skirts and other items that will really show off the beautiful patterns on these prints

 This first one is a gorgeous purple, black and gold print. I have one skirt made from this so far.........It reminds me of a honeycomb. I am also thinking long, maxi length kaftan with gold embroidery. Check out a caftan I wore to a friend's traditional marriage cermenony here

 I call this one; magnify the world : ) 

And then there's this one; one of my faves! My sister already requested a tunic made out of this. I was supposed to do that this weekend along with the skirt I promised to make her....oops : ). Oh well; the weekends isn't over yet!

Here's another one I really like. We'll call it cobwebs or spidey eye? LOL. It kinda has an eye shaped thing going on with the cobweb inside it..........LOL

And then there's this! If you are Nigerian; you MUST remember this print or something similar to it! It is a reprint of a similar pattern that was very popular in hollandaise (I think) wrapper back in the 80s and maybe 90s among Nigerian women. I LOVE this; it has such a nostalgic feel for me and I am not sure what I want to do with it yet.

Peace & Blessings!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Craft Fair and Hair Flowers

Sooo.....the last few weeks have been super busy for me.
I am sooo excited!! I signed up to be a vendor at a craft fair. A week later I am super nervous and wondering what I was thinking. Oh well....can't get out of it now so I guess the only thing left to do is be excited. Oh and prepare. : )

I joined the houstonartteam on etsy and found out about the fair through the group's blog
I figure why not give it a try and see how it goes. All towards getting my stuff out there. Like they say; you want new results, try new things...or something like that..LOL

I have been sewing every night since Monday and am slowly making progress.
Pics of new items to come soon : ).

New items?? I just realized I don't have ANY pics of TatusWelle items on this blog.  : (
Seriously..........I need to get it TOGETHER!! Also need to add some pics to my facebook page

So here we go. These are a few items currently listed on
I have soo many ideas and so little time!!! All the flowers below are made from 100% African Wax Print Fabric. I will be adding new items daily from now through November when I will be a vendor at another fair/show. More to come on that later.

This brooch/pin is my personal favorite currently. I sold one to a lady in Australia. How cool is that? Someone in Perth is wearing my brooch!!!!!

I am still working on taking better pictures so I have been experimenting with different settings on my camera. It's all so confusing at times; too many settings!!


 I made a tote bag from this fabric over a year ago. It serves as my 'saturday gym/errand running bag' and I always get compliments on it. Maybe I'll add totes to the shop!

 Peace & Blessings!!!