Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So, summer is gone oh so soon. I think I will add a few of my fave things to this blog as I go along!

***Favorite Summer 2010 TV Show***
This show is HILARIOUS!!! Seriously! Bradley Whitford plays Dan Stark, a former big-shot cop whose glory days seem to be over and his partner, Jack Bailey is played by Colin Hanks. Jack tries to play by the rules but Dan always comes up with ways to get them in trouble! Dan is old school, disgusting and extremely annoying - all of which make this show awesome. You gotta see it if you didn't. And the best part? Its set in Dallas, TX. Bwahaha!

This was my fave show of the summer : )

***Favorite Frozen Dinner***
Drum Roll Please...............
LEAN CUISINE Butternut Squash Ravioli

omg...omg...I had to edit this post to add this. This frozen dinner is the business!! Am telling you; it was really, really good yo! lol. Veggies were crisp; Raviola was al dente and the squash filling had just the right sweetness! LOVE this!!

In addition to all the buttery squash goodness; this thing is not too bad on the calories (watch the sodium with frozen dinners though).

Nutrition Basics

<><><><><><> <><><><>
Diet Exchange: 2 Starch,2 Vegetable,1/2 Skim Milk,1 Fat

BTW; I bought this as part of a HEB meal deal and I am going back today to get the meal deal again and all am buying is this frozen dinner! Wowsa! I love it!


How is this related to my shop? It's not! Consider this practice for when I actually start to post about my shop/inspirations. Well; I guess you could say I am inspired by Dan Stark - to not take life so seriously. LOL

Peace out!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Etsy Treasury

Finding time to create for my shop has not been easy!
Balancing school, work and everything else I have going on has been quite the challenge the last few weeks.

Thing are starting to settle though; my plan is to play catch up this week so I can actually be on the schedule I created at the beginning of the semester!

So while I have not been creating; I have been hanging out in the etsy forums and looking at treasuries. I created my first treasury today and its inspired by.................Africa of cos! lol

Etsy treasuries are pretty cool cos they are created by Etsy users and you can go broke just browsing through all the different things you find! : )

Here's mine:


That's it for today. Tonight; I study!!

Tomorrow night, we have tix to see SYTYCD! Whooohoooooo. Am excited...not as excited as the person am going with though (she is a SYTYCD fanatic..lol)

See ya!

Oh.........I did make a new skirt that I absolutely LOOOVEEE  and plan to add to the shop soon. Pics to come..........................

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Keeping Up? Not So Much!!

Didn't I say I have a hard time keeping up with writing?
I sure did. I wrote that first post and then completely forgot I started a blog.....sigh.
I remembered today though and this counts as my second post even though there is nothing related to my inspirations or my shop or my creations in it. HA!

Ok...Ok...I'll throw in a pic. That should count as something that inspires me today.
It's Gabourey Sidibe on the cover of Elle. I think it is a big deal; more grease to her elbows!

P.S: For today; I am ignoring all the controversy around the picture being lightened or whether it shoulda been a full picture like the other models (it's always something huh?)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TatusWelle is now a Blogger : )

Sooo, I decided to start a blog to go with my Etsy shop and my new facebook page www.facebook.com/tatuswelle

I really don't know what the heck am doing but we'll see how this goes. Especially since I lose interest in things so quickly & have a hard time keeping up with ANYTHING that requires writing on a regular basis! LOL

So here is to hoping I can keep up with this blogging thing : )

The main idea is to blog about my creations as I add new items to my shop; www.tatuswelle.etsy.com, things, people, events and anything else that inspires or interests me.

Welcome to my attempt at creativity!

Peace & Blessings,
TatusWelle <3